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100% At-Home Anxiety Treatment

For Teenagers and Adults  


Sessions are pre-recorded and sent to you to complete in the comfort of your own home. Ideal to do as families or individually. 


Program costs 5X less than sessions of traditional therapy. No subscription necessary. One time purchase gives you a lifetime membership. 


Sessions are broken down into 20 minute increments, making them easy to complete and implement into daily routines. 

Is The Anxiety Healing Program Right for YOU?

Complete our 10 question assessment to see if the Anxiety Healing Program could help you. Results are immediate.

In this program you will learn 7 fundamental things to overcoming your anxiety. 

1. How to Identity Your Anxiety

2. How to Separate Anxiety From Yourself 

3. How to Identify Your Triggers

4. How To Discern Reality vs. Lies Your Anxiety Tells You 

5. Dealing With "What-If" and "Worst Case Scenarios"

6. Determining Your Control In Situations

7. Understanding Your Personality and How It Effects Your Anxiety 

What Are You Waiting For?

Aren't you tired of anxiety controlling your life? Healing is possible. Healing is available. Don't be part of the 82% of the population who suffer needlessly. 

I'm Ready To Start Healing

Here's What's Included

  • 9 Audio Sessions- The program is broken down into 9- 20 minute sessions. These sessions include tools, steps and tips for healing. (Valued at $1200) 
  • Step-by-Step Worksheets-  We're fans of roadmaps. Our worksheets take away the overwhelm and help you to implement what you learn in the audio sessions. (Valued at $600)
  • Lifetime Access to All The Content. Throughout your life, you will find your needs change. This program will be a companion to guide you through tough times.  (Priceless)
  • Bonus: Special considerations, personality tests, and possible causes for anxiety. (Value: $100)


Exclusive Pricing Just For You

You won't pay $1900 for the program. Our discounted program will allow you to get the same benefits of traditional coaching, but at a FRACTION of the cost.

"We used this program with our teenage daughter. I couldn't believe how effective it was! Within weeks we all noticed improvement. I would highly recommend it!"

Rita K.
Mother of Teenager Daughter

"This program is a great alternative to traditional therapy. It can be just as helpful for healing from anxiety, but without the cost or time. "

Peter Sundwall Jr. MD
M.D. Family Practice

"I have been doing behavioral therapy for a decade and I can say that this program is amazing and can work wonders!"

Janet C.
Licensed Therapist, MFT

"I thought I would always have anxiety and just resigned to being miserable. Then I found this program and it changed my life! I can't recommend it enough!"

Joseph W.
Attorney at Law, MBA

Start Your Healing Journey

Anxiety Healing Program costs 5x less than the same amount of traditional therapy.

Quarantine Pricing


Lifetime Membership


Discounted 25% During Quarantine 

Valued At $1900 

Premium Anxiety PDF Downloads Included

8 Digital Sessions of CBT 

One Time Purchase, No Subscription

Recommended by Doctors and Therapists

Ideal for Teens, Young Adults & Adults

Start Healing Now

Program Details 

  • Compiled into 8- 20 Minute Sessions

  • Instant MP3 Downloads After Purchase
  • One-Time Purchase, No Subscription Necessary
  • Listen To It Over and Over Again
  • Costs Less Than One Session of Traditional Therapy
  • Recommended by Doctors and Therapists
  • Program Rooted In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques That Have Helped Thousands 
  • Easy Cancellations**

Frequently Asked Questions

The Anxiety Healing Program was designed specifically with adults and older teenagers in mind. However, the way the program is organized it could be effective for individuals of any age. So long as the materials are used as designed, the program should be helpful for anyone over the age of 12. 

The Anxiety Healing Program is broken down into eight 20 minute sessions, with an introduction included. These sessions mimic a group coaching session. The listener will feel as though they are sitting in on a support group for anxiety, thereby learning how to implement tools and recognize triggers through relating to other individuals in the same situation. 

Additionally, at the end of each 20 minute session there is a chapter to complete in the workbook. The worksheets help the individual to implement the tools and information learned into their unique lives. 


Absolutely! For most medications to work properly there should be a combination of life style changes, implementation of proper coping tools, as well as follow-up with a medical professional. The Anxiety Healing Program will only improve your life, regardless of whether or not you are on medications. We never advise anyone to go off their medications unless they are directed by a medical professional to do so. 

The Anxiety Healing Program is unique in how affordable and simple it is. The program was created for busy people with limited budgets. The cost of the Basic program is less the one session of traditional therapy*, but in this program you get the equivalent of 8 anxiety coaching sessions. Once you own the program you can listen to it as often as needed. Other programs do not allow you to go back and re-listen. And finally, there is no subscription. This is a ONE TIME purchase. There are no hidden charges or fees. 

Due to the nature of therapy, counseling and coaching, the Anxiety Healing Program cannot guarantee results. Each individual determines that amount of work they are willing to put into their recovery. The program is based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is an effective way to combat Anxiety. If you put in the work, you will see results. 

Yes! You can cancel your order so long as you have not downloaded any of the MP3 audio files and workbook. If you ordered the premium program and have received the journal you can send it back unused for your refund. 

If the program has been downloaded and the journal used, then we, unfortunately, cannot issue a refund. 

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